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One Little Thing

Change the world one little thing at a time...

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My aims have changed slightly since I started this journal.

In essence, I am striving to be more eco-friendly, to reduce my carbon footprint, to live a cruelty-free, ethical and considerate lifestyle. All without living in a mud hut and eating only windfalls.

Originally I aimed to change one thing per week, in an effort to be living a guilt-free lifestyle within a year. It's proved harder than I thought. Researching the issues, coming to a conclusion, making a change and then writing a useful blog about it all takes time and energy and I haven't been able to keep up.

So I'll update this journal when I can. Possibly once or twice a week. Possibly once a month. Sometimes there will be long gaps. Bear with me.

Mostly I'd like you to read what I write, tell me what you think, and make a change of your own. Maybe you'll disagree with my opinions and choices. The important thing is for you to think about each issue and make some changes for the better in your own life.

I will also be including selected activism entries to highlight certain issues and how you can help.

About Me

I am female, 32 years old, and live in the South East of England.

I live in a rented house (with garden), along with my partner, Paul, and Paul's best friend, Rob.
Paul is enthusiastic about this project, Rob is amiable.

I currently recycle:
Paper (kerbside collection)
Glass (kerbside collection)
Cans (local recycling bank)
Aluminium foil/food trays (local recycling bank)
Drinks cartons (local recycling bank)
Cardboard (local recycling bank)
Plastics (where possible) (local recycling bank)
Food waste (where possible) (Home composter)
Garden waste (Home composter)

My household is down to approximately 1 large bin-bag of rubbish every 2 weeks. This consists mainly of non-recyclable plastics and non-compostable food waste.

I use Freecycle and charity shops to get rid of items I no longer want (books, biscuit tins, electrical equipment, clothes, unwanted gifts, old video tapes). If I don't want them, chances are someone else will.

I buy organic and locally produced food wherever possible and get an organic fruit and veg box delivered weekly.
I also try to buy fairtrade.

I avoid and actively refuse plastic bags. I always use a canvas or cotton bag for my shopping and carry a small cotton bag (that scrunches into a pocket) with me when I go out, just in case of purchases!

I don't own or drive a car but I loathe public transport.

I have fitted CFL energy-saving lightbulbs throughout my house. I switch off appliances at the mains when not in use. I never use the standby button and have ripped it out of my TV remote control in order to avoid temptation.

I am a vegetarian, leaning towards vegan. I am aware that not everyone wants to follow this path.

I follow no particular religion, but I respect that others do.

My personal journal is nothingtoyou. You are welcome to friend me - my public entries tend to be environmental/activism based.

You can also read this blog over at Myspace
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